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100 pieces photo puzzle

Create your 100 pieces photo puzzle

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Wed, 03/27/2019 – Thu, 03/28/2019

Photo puzzle with 100 pieces

Size: 18.9" x 14.3"
Ideal for children and the elderly

Amazing box layouts for
all possible occasions

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Estimated delivery date:
Wed, 03/27/2019 – Thu, 03/28/2019
Product description
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Puzzle variants

Product description

Do you prefer feeling your way into putting puzzles rather gradually, or are you looking for a very special gift for someone, who probably will not be able to spend too much time or effort to put a customized jigsaw puzzle? In that case, we recommend our easygoing premium jigsaw puzzle. With this boxed photo puzzle, you will have an original way to let your photo come into play. Our 100 pieces jigsaw is the ideal entry into the world of customized photo puzzles. The best thing of all is that you get a customized photo puzzle with the highest quality for quite a low price.

Did you know that these 100 puzzle pieces are being cut from the same size cardboard that is being used for the 200- and 500- pieces photo puzzles? This is the reason why this easygoing 100 pieces personalised jigsaw has the largest pieces of them all, which makes completing the photo puzzle not that difficult anymore, even for unpracticed hands. This means lots of fun for those who do not have any experience with putting jigsaw puzzles.

Recommended age

from 6-8 years


The photo puzzle comes with separated pieces collected in a polybag and put into the selected puzzle box. .

Photo puzzle quality

Puzzle box size:

Size of the puzzle box  -  photo puzzle 100 pieces

Size of the pieces:

Size of the pieces  -  photo puzzle 100 pieces

Size ratio:

 Size ratio puzzle piece photo puzzle 100 pieces

Tips & ideas

Recommended minimum resolution of the image

The printing result strongly depends on the resolution of the photo. For a 100 pieces photo puzzle we recommend the following image size (WxH):
3409 x 2567 pixels

Important: Please do take care that your photo does not have an insufficient sharpness or a deviating tint and be sure that it has not been underexposed. If there should be any doubt about the quality of your photo, please send it to us by e-mail and wait for our reply before placing an order. We will be glad to check your photo beforehand.

Creating tip

Children love animals - no matter if it is a beloved pet, or a wild one from the zoo. Why not just capture the dog, the cat or a bear and put it on the jigsaw puzzle?

Puzzle variants

Select your photo puzzle:


Do you process portrait- as well as landscape photos?
Except from the heart shaped puzzle you may always upload both portrait and landscape photos.
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