Create Your Easter Puzzle Now

Estimated delivery date:
Fri, 05/31/2024

Create Your Easter Puzzle Now

Estimated delivery date:
Fri, 05/31/2024

Personalized Photo Puzzles from the Easter Bunny!

Easter is right around the corner! If you are looking for a fun addition to your loved one’s basket this year, a custom photo puzzle is a perfect option! A personalized jigsaw puzzle is a gift that lasts a lifetime and is sure to make both kids and kids at heart delighted. Even if you don’t have the perfect photo, we’ve got options! So hop to it! Surprise your friends and family with a custom photo puzzle or one of our many jigsaw puzzles from over 25,000 images to make this Easter unforgettable!



An Egg-citing New Puzzle: SMART SORTED®!

This Easter, we have the perfect puzzle for the whole family to enjoy together: SMART SORTED! With SMART SORTED, you get a 1000-piece puzzle cleverly divided into 40 SMART boxes, each of which represents one section of the puzzle. This makes it super easy for every member of the family to work on one to several sections at a time, combining forces to solve the puzzle together! The best part? You can get a custom photo puzzle or a puzzle collections jigsaw puzzle! Encourage kids to work together and achieve something greater than they thought they could, or tackle a creative and engaging activity together as a family this Easter with SMART SORTED!

  • 40 SMART sections for easy puzzling as a family!
  • Create a custom photo puzzle design
  • Choose from 25,000+ puzzle collection images
  • The finished puzzle can be glued and framed!

Hippity-hop to it:

Custom Photo Puzzles with 48, 100, 200, 500, 1000, or 2000 Pieces, plus XXL 1000 & SMART SORTED®

Our custom photo puzzles let you turn treasured moments with friends and family into forever memories. Delight kids of every age this Easter with a basket filled with personalized puzzles! Enjoy time together completing the puzzles, then enjoy the finished piece as a custom keepsake. With an array of size options, we’ve got something to suit every age and ability!

  • Choose a puzzle with 48, 100, 200, 500, 1000, or 2000 pieces
  • 1000-piece puzzles also available in 45" XXL size & SMART SORTED!
  • Select up to 65 photos to include
  • Create with our free and easy design tool
  • Personalize your puzzle gift box for the perfect gifting experience

Add a Sweet Treat of a Different Kind to the Easter Basket: a Gift Message Voucher Puzzle

  • A personalized gift message perfect for those who have outgrown traditional Easter basket gifts
  • Create an activity coupon for your loved one to redeem: brunch, shopping, a movie, etc. 
  • Design a custom puzzle with you own pictures and words 
  • Choose from springy, festive layouts that match the Easter season  
  • The special offer from you remains a surprise until the final puzzle pieces have been placed!

The Fun of an Easter Egg Hunt Minus the Hassle: Photo Puzzle Collages

  • Relive an array of happy memories with a set of favorite photos for your unique puzzle collage 
  • Choose from a diverse array of design layouts to create the perfect puzzle 
  • Craft collage puzzles for our 48, 100, 200, 500, 1000, and 2000 piece jigsaw puzzles
  • Collage puzzles can also be turned into 45" XXL 1000-piece and SMART SORTED
  • The opportunities are almost endless with space for up to 65 photos of your choosing!

Why Include a Photo Puzzle in Your Easter Basket?

While candy is a delicious and coveted treat during this holiday, kids and kids at heart of any age will be astounded when they see their faces on a jigsaw puzzle! Not only is it a unique Easter gift, but it is one that your child or loved one can enjoy time and time again. Candy only lasts for a few bites, but a custom photo puzzle becomes a custom keepsake providing a lifetime of delight!

Puzzles also have surprising health benefits! When your loved one assembles a puzzle, they are exercising mentally, improving their attention to detail and problem-solving skills, and even enhancing their mood. Sure, traditional Easter treats are cheerful, but after the sugar rush comes the crash. Meanwhile, puzzles are an engaging, healthy activity with lasting positive benefits, perfect to add to any basket this year!

Easter Puzzle Age Guide


puzzleYOU has a variety of jigsaw sizes perfect for children of all ages. Whether you are looking for a beginner puzzle for your littlest little one or an exciting challenge for your oldest, there are plenty of options to bring a smile to their face this Easter! 

Our 48 piece puzzle is ideal for young children, with XXL jigsaw pieces that are not only easy to assemble but safe to handle! Children from the ages of four to five will have a blast assembling this size after their Easter egg hunt. 

A 100 piece puzzle is a step up that any child ages six to seven will enjoy. The pieces of this puzzle size are smaller, though they are still ideal for any loved one with less patience or dexterity. Children with puzzle experience will be delighted at the straightforward assembly process.  

Children from the ages of eight to nine will love our 200 piece puzzles. This size is a rewarding step up for kids who find smaller puzzles to be too simple. Though it is more time-consuming than our 100 piece puzzles, this jigsaw size still provides a care-free assembly experience for children and even adults! 

Our 500 piece puzzles can be an entertaining and mentally stimulating activity for children 10+! While both patience and fine motor skills are recommended for a pleasant assembly experience, this puzzle can be tackled by older children. Show your kids that the Easter bunny has tricks up its sleeve with this thrilling brainteaser! 

Looking for something for teens or adults? Amp up the difficulty and create a 1000 piece puzzle, a 2000 piece puzzle, or a 45" XXL 1000 piece puzzle! Attention to detail and the pursuit of completion make these larger and more challenging puzzles take longer, which means you may have a multi-day puzzle palooza! 

Finally, we've got an option that suits kids of all ages and even makes it easier for the whole family to complete a puzzle together! Our innovative invention SMART SORTED divides a 1000 piece puzzle into 40 pre-sorted sections for a puzzle that kids or even the entire family can work on together!


Festive Easter Puzzle Templates

Whether you want your custom puzzle to be reminiscent of a beautiful spring day or your child’s favorite activity, puzzleYOU has a creative selection of puzzle designs fit for any Easter gift! 

Design a bright and joyful puzzle with our Spring Blossom layout! Your child will think it came straight from the Easter bunny. You can include all of your favorite memories by creating a photo puzzle collage with this layout too! 

Imaginative children who love fantasy will be overjoyed at the sight of our Rainbowland and Unicorn-Magic designs! Our Sticker Joy template is another option that will suit fans of unicorns and rainbows. Alternatively, adventurous children will adore our Dino Adventure and Fire Trucks layouts. All of our designs geared towards children have both single photo and collage options. No matter what their special hobby or passion, our collection of layouts has an option that will fit their personality like a puzzle piece! 

Turn a Picture Into a Puzzle for That Special Someone

Our design process makes it easier than ever to create your very own personalized jigsaw puzzle! Take the stress out of your shopping experience and focus on the ones you love most. Rest assured knowing that you will receive your custom puzzle quickly - typically in about a week or less - and that it can be treasured for a lifetime!

Not sure which size to choose? We've got you covered!*

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  • 48 pieces: Children 4-5 years old or people living with dementia
  • 100 pieces: Children 6-7 years old
  • 200 pieces: Children 8-9 years & Adults 
  • 500 pieces: Children 10+ & Adults (5+ hours are often required)
  • 1000 pieces: Children 10+ & Adults (10+ hours are often required)
  • 2000 pieces: The ultimate challenge for patient children & adults (20+ hours)

* Difficulty & time required for completion vary based on the uploaded photo, the more colors & patterns in the photo(s), the easier the puzzle