Questions about our photo puzzles

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Everything you need to know about your order:


  • What products does puzzleYOU offer?

    Based on the picture(s) you load up we produce:

    • photo puzzles with 48, 100, 200, 500, or 1000 pieces
  • What size does the finished puzzle have?

    The sizes of our photo puzzles are as following:

    48 pieces: approx. 14.3" x 18.9"
    100 pieces: approx. 14.3" x 18.9"
    200 pieces: approx. 14.3" x 18.9"
    500 pieces: approx. 14.3" x 18.9"
    1000 pieces: approx. 25.2" x 18.9"

    By means of a frame you can decide the exact cut of your picture. Please note that during production up to 0.2" may be lost on the edges of your picture. You should therefore not place any important picture elements there.

  • What are the puzzles made of?

    The photo puzzles are made of special puzzle board. Your photo or collage is printed with the latest digital printing methods and put on 0.09 inch puzzle cardboard.

  • What size does the box have?

    The dimensions of the puzzle boxes are as follows:

    Product Length (Inch) Width (Inch) Height (Inch)
    Box for a jigsaw with 48, 100, 200, 500 or 1000 pieces 13.2 9.1 1.4

    The dimensions of the puzzle boxes are as follows:

    Box for a jigsaw with 48, 100, 200, 500 or 1000 pieces Length: 13.2 in Width: 9.1 in Height: 1.4 in

Image files and image quality

  • Which data formats can be processed?

    We solely process JPG (jpg, jpeg) and PNG formats. Most digital cameras automatically take pictures in the required JPG-format!

  • Which image resolution is required?

    The higher the resolution, the better the picture on your printed photo puzzle. The quality of the print also depends strongly on the resolution of the original digital photo. If your picture has a minimum length of 1600 pixels on its longest side, this is sufficient for a puzzle of 48, 100, 200 or 500 pieces. This corresponds approximately to a picture taken with a 2 megapixel camera. For the puzzle consisting of 1000 pieces we recommend a minimum size of 2500 pixels which corresponds to a 4 megapixel digital camera.

    After having uploaded your picture, you are taken to the “PuzzleComposer” where a scale ranking from 1 to 5 stars indicates if the resolution of your picture is suitable for the puzzle format you chose:

    5 stars = excellent resolution quality
    4 stars = good resolution quality
    3 stars = average resolution quality; possibly blurred
    2 stars = moderate resolution quality, blurred
    1 star = bad picture resolution, very blurred

    Please note that this scale only refers to the resolution of your picture. Image sharpness and general quality of the picture cannot be considered. The bigger the chosen format for your puzzle is, the better the image resolution needs to be. We do not modify the resolution of your transferred file! We are afraid we cannot process refunds due to insufficient quality of your image files. Please ensure quality of image before submitting the order.

  • What is the maximum file size I can upload?

    The maximum file size is 80 MB.

  • Which color space of my picture is required?

    Please transfer your pictures in RGB or sRGB color space. sRGB is the standard color space of most digital cameras. Please also save black and white pictures as a JPG-file in sRGB and not in gray scale. When you upload a picture which is stored in the CMYK color space there will be an error message. In this case you should interrupt ordering and have your picture checked by our customer service.

  • Will my picture be edited?

    No. The picture won't be edited and will be printed exactly like the image file you transferred to us.

  • I would like to prepare an exactly fitting file. What dimensions should the file have?

    Please prepare your file with the following dimensions (Pixels):

    Number of pieces Width Height
    48, 100, 200 or 500 pieces 3409px 2567px
    1000 pieces 4530px 3409px

    Please take a margin of 35px into account on all edges. This is the area where the cutting die will hit the puzzle. You should not place any important picture elements there.

    Please prepare your file with the following dimensions (Pixels):

    48, 100, 200 or 500 pieces Width: 3409px Height: 2567px
    1000 pieces Width: 4530px Height: 3409px

    Please take a margin of 35px into account on all edges. This is the area where the cutting die will hit the puzzle. You should not place any important picture elements there.

  • Can color deviations occur when printing?

    Unfortunately, color differences cannot be excluded due to the individual adjustment of monitors which can differ in brightness, resolution, contrast and color or resulting from different graphic boards. Color deviations between your monitor and the finished product are thus possible.

  • Can I use every image i want to create my puzzle?

    You are required not to infringe copyrights, trademark rights or other protective rights of third persons. Illegal images are strictly prohibited. Further information can be found in our GTC.

Ordering and payment methods

  • Can I order more than one photo product at once?

    After having put your first product into the shopping cart, you can use the button "Add a further product" to continue ordering. This way you can order several different photo products in one command and save shipping costs. By ordering every photo product separately, you have to pay full shipping costs for every single product.

  • How can I pay?
    Credit card payment
    Credit card payment

    Credit Card / Debit Card:
    We accept payment by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Diners Club. Our payment service will credit your card  account immediately after your entered details are confirmed. Data transmission takes place via a TLS-protected connection.


    Onlineservice for secure and easy payment.

    Amazon pay
    Amazon pay

    Amazon Pay:
    With Amazon Pay, you can speed up checkout using your Amazon account information. You do not need to re-enter your payment or address information. Amazon Pay offers you a fast, easy and secure way to pay for products and services on our website.

  • Where can I redeem a voucher?

    In the shopping cart you will find a bar with white space to fill your code into. After entering the code, the final amount will be reduced by the value of the coupon. You can only redeem one voucher per order.

  • Where do I find the invoice to my order?

    We do not send the invoice within the package. You may download your invoice on your personal status site after the order has been shipped. The link to this status site can be found in the order and shipping confirmation.

  • Is ordering online secure?

    We use the TLS-security system (Transport Layer Security) together with a 128 Bit encoding when transferring data. This technology provides for ultimate security and is also used by banks for data protection of Online Banking. A closed key or lock in your browser shows that your data is encrypted while being transferred.

  • Is my personal information protected?

    We set a high value on diligent handling of your data. Our aim is to ensure you enjoy visiting and recommend our website in good conscience. Since we are legally bound to publicize in which way we process your data, we explain this in our privacy notice.

Shipment and delivery

  • Can I have the order delivered to a different address?

    Yes, at the end of your order you can fill in a delivery address different from the billing address. Thus you can send the photo puzzle to another person – for example as a gift. This service is free of charge. In case you're not available to receive your shipment on working days, you can fill in an alternative address there, for example your working address.

  • What is the delivery time of my order?

    The expected delivery date can be found on our homepage below the blue button (Create it here...) and in the shopping cart. UPS usually delivers the parcel on the 2nd working day after shipping. We will inform you by e-mail and send you a tracking number as soon as the package leaves the production department. Please remember that UPS usually does not deliver on Saturdays. If you happen to be in a remote area, please note that the delivery might take longer.

  • Can I check the status of my delivery?

    With the transfer of your package to the UPS courier, a tracking number will be shown in your personal account. By clicking on this tracking number, you will be led to UPS to see the current status of your delivery. The link to your personal account can be found in your order confirmation.

  • The puzzle is meant as a gift, can you speed up my order for this special occasion?

    Our process is aligned to deliver as soon as possible. After confirming your order goes directly into the automated production process. From this moment on, it is impossible for us to take any influence in the production proces. We hope you will understand, that for technical reasons we cannot treat orders in a privileged way. Delivery is already performed as fast as possible, even with extra payment shipping cannot be accelerated. Our current production and delivery time is always available on our Web site. Therefore, we would like to advise you to order your gift a few days earlier, to be sure it will reach you in time.

  • Can I pick up my order in person?

    Unfortunately, collection by the customer is not possible.

  • What are the shipping costs?
      Photo puzzles
    USA $ 9.99
  • Which courier delivers my package?

    We send your order with UPS, the courier whom we have the most positive experiences with. UPS delivers your package quickly and safely.

Replacements & Refunds

  • Can I get a refund if I do not like my photo product?

    Unfortunately not. You are not allowed to withdraw from a contract regarding goods which have been manufactured based on your individual specifications. That is why it is important to load up an image with a good resolution in the ordering process.

  • What if my product is damaged or I received the wrong product?

    UPS is responsible for delivering your package in the right condition. If you have received a damaged or incorrect product, you are obliged to have your complaint confirmed by the delivering UPS driver. We send wrong delivery and transport-damage declarations immediately to UPS. Without the drivers confirmation we can not treat your complaint. If you notice the delivery of a wrong puzzle after the driver has left, please contact our service team. We will find a solution and tell you what to do with the package.

Information on the current situation

  • How are we dealing with the corona virus?

    Dear customers,

    Despite all the difficulties caused by the corona virus, our web shop remains open. All necessary support is being handled from home offices. For our production staff, a number of measures have been taken to keep the risk of infection as low as possible (a distance of 2m, hand hygiene, face masks, etc.). Both now and in the future, we want to offer you a reliable service and assure our employees an attractive and, above all, a secure job.

    Please note that the current situation may cause delivery problems in certain areas. Detailed information about the ability to deliver can be found here.

    We hope that you and your loved ones will stay in good health!
    Your team