About us

puzzleYOU is a registered trademark of the puzzle & play group, which is situated in a small adorable Bavarian town called Altenstadt an der Waldnaab. Besides maintaining our website puzzleYOU.com our specialist team is available for answering questions of customers from several European countries, Canada and the USA.

The idea of producing personal, high-quality, affordable photo puzzles began in an online puzzle community, that was also managed by puzzle & play.

In this community the members regularly asked for a possibility to buy personalized puzzles with for example 1000 pieces, that would not cost them the usual small fortune. Franz Trescher, (our CEO) and his team made a well thought out plan and invented an ingeniuos production process. This process delivers high-quality puzzles at affordable prices.

The pictures of our customers are printed -with the help of the latest digital printing technology- on a special 2.2 mm puzzle cardboard. After that the motif is laminated with a preserving adhesive in order to save the photo puzzles from fingerprints, scratches, fading and water splashes. The production process ends with the punching of the puzzles and the packaging into a secure plastic foil that is placed inside the box. These puzzle boxes, embellished by the customer, are produced with the same best possible care as the jigsaw puzzles has been produced with. Not less important than the jigsaws itself is our easy to operate on line ordering system. High standards and optimal customer orientation help us in positioning the brand puzzleYOU in the premium segment.

Our products

Personal photo puzzles with 100, 200, 500, 1000 or 2000 pieces. You can design your personal photo product and the referring box without any graphical knowledges quite easy and according to your own imagination. Just pick out one of dozens layouts and write a title or dedication on the top of the box!

These high quality photo products are a very original gift for different occasions, such as a birthday, a wedding, Christmas, Easter, or just a little attention for a beloved person.