In-house jigsaw puzzle production
In-house production: Manufacture of puzzles and games

In-house manufacturing

Not only the puzzling and gaming fun, but also your overall satisfaction is our focus. We place great value on high quality in order to reach this goal. Our promise is that the complete product range comes in the highest possible quality. Our strategy for success is to manufacture premium products in our own production department. Thanks to this, we are able to define the quality of our unique products by ourselves – and that is what you feel when you complete your puzzle or play your game. We are so convinced of the quality of our products, that we dare to give a 15-year guarantee. Our professional staff ensures that you will indeed be satisfied. They pay special attention to compliance with our high standards – from the product development to our manufacturing processes and from the quality control up to the shipment.

Puzzle piece with high-precision cutting
Photo puzzle die cutting tool

Product development

Every product starts with an idea. We design and produce new products or develop existing ones further. Always at the center of our efforts: the needs of our customers and the recognition of new market trends. In-house manufacturing plays a huge role in this procedure; it allows us to react quickly to changed conditions. A team of project managers, graphic designers and quality specialists is responsible for the implementation of selected product ideas. When defining product characteristics, we attach great importance to the optic point of view, the haptic and a long service life. Besides this, international characteristics and requirements have to be considered – since we send our products to 19 different countries.

Production process – How do we turn your photos into a puzzle?

Producing photo puzzles is not as easy as you would probably think. Comprehensive expertise about material composition, cardboard- and paper processing or the handling of adhesives is essential. Especially the main factors for success, such as the ambient temperature and the atmospheric humidity, are in practice not always easy to handle. Furthermore, modern digital printing and hand-made punching devices take care that you will enjoy our puzzles for many years. 
How do we turn your photo into a jigsaw puzzle anyway? First, we print your photograph or photo collage on sustainable photo paper. Then we adhere it to our specifically for us designed puzzle cardboard. Within the punching process, the puzzle pieces are punched with a weight of over one ton. Finally, a special separation machine disassembles your puzzle into its individual pieces. At the end it becomes romantic – At the so called „marriage“, the individual puzzle boxes, which have been made in a separate production line, are connected with the puzzle pieces. 

Photo puzzle box printing Zoom
Cutting a photo puzzle Zoom
Bagging oft he puzzle pieces Zoom
Uniting the puzzle with its box Zoom

Packaging and logistics

Your unique photo product is also in best hands at the time of shipment, then this part of the whole process requires quality as well. It would be a pity if our products would pass through the strict final inspection, but would be damaged on the very last part of the route. We designed secure and environmental friendly packages that are optimally adapted to the respective product characteristics. In addition to that, we insure every shipment. This means that we will reproduce your product without ifs or buts, if your parcel arrives damaged or gets lost on the way. Besides that, we regularly optimize the handling of our orders. Our intention: from the production department directly to the place of destination. This allows us to offer a very quick delivery.

Cutting the prints for puzzle boxes Zoom
A glimpse into our high rack warehouse Zoom
The finished puzzles before shipping Zoom
Storage of readily cut jigsaw puzzles Zoom
Readily cut and bagged jigsaw puzzle on the conveyor belt Zoom
The printed puzzle cardboard before cutting Zoom
Folded boxes for the jigsaw puzzles Zoom
Readily cut jigsaw puzzle on its way to being crumbled into pieces Zoom
Our printing system Zoom
Jigsaw cutting tool for 1000 pieces Zoom