How to Choose the Right Jigsaw Puzzle Size

by Jasmin March 15, 2022
How to Choose the Right Jigsaw Puzzle Size

Find the Right Puzzle Size for Any Loved One!

puzzleYOU is thrilled to offer each and every one of our customers a wide range of puzzle designs, customization options, and, most importantly, jigsaw sizes! Designing a custom puzzle is a unique and fun experience. We hope to make the selection and personalization of your jigsaw as easy as possible. 

The first step in our process is deciding the perfect puzzle size for you or the special recipient of your jigsaw. Whether you are adding a new puzzle to your collection or building one as a gift for a loved one, we hope to guide you in selecting the ideal puzzle size for the occasion.  There are benefits to each of our puzzle sizes and depending on who you are crafting the jigsaw for, one will likely be a better fit than others. Our goal is to break down the process of choosing your puzzle size so that you can enjoy the fun parts of our customization process. 

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Completed Puzzle Sizes

We offer our puzzles in three completed sizes! Our puzzles with 48, 100, 200, and 500 pieces have the same dimensions once finished, approximately 19" x 14". With each size up, the pieces become smaller, as more are needed for assembly. Moving up a size from this category, our 1000 piece puzzle is roughly twice as large as our 500 piece jigsaws, measuring at about 25" x 19". Our largest puzzle is our 2000 piece jigsaw, which is approximately double the size of our completed 1000 piece puzzle at around 35" x 26". When selecting your size, it is helpful to keep in mind that the space requirement and level of challenge doubles from 500 to 1000 piece puzzles, and again from 1000 to 2000 piece jigsaws. 

Puzzle Piece Sizes

Our products each have unique piece sizes to suit the requirements of every individual no matter their age, experience, or level of ability. With each size increase, the jigsaw pieces of each product are smaller. We offer 48 piece puzzles with XXL pieces measuring approximately 2.4" x 2.4.” This ensures that the pieces are both stress-free and safe for young children to handle, without choking hazards. Alternatively, our 500, 1000, and 2000 piece jigsaws require dexterity and patience, as their pieces are dime-sized. Measuring roughly ​​0.7" x 0.6,” these pieces are far smaller and suitable for adults with strong dexterity. 

Time Required

The opportunities for your jigsaw are endless! It can be a relaxing chance to unwind or an exhilarating and mentally stimulating challenge. Assessing the level of difficulty for each jigsaw may seem daunting, but the time that each size requires will give you insight into the assembly process. For instance, a 48 piece jigsaw is far too easy for most adults if it is given for the sake of assembly, but perfect for young children as a first puzzle. On the other hand, 100 piece puzzles may take adults up to 30 minutes to complete, making it a straightforward and peaceful activity for many.

Our 200 piece puzzles will keep most children busy for a few hours, while most adults would be able to complete them in an hour. Larger jigsaws require an additional level of time commitment. For example, our 500 piece puzzles often take over 5 hours to complete, while our 1000 piece jigsaws are projected to require over 10 hours of assembly time. Finally, puzzle pros who really feel committed to a project may tackle our 2000 piece puzzle, which can require over 20 hours of assembly. 

Simple vs. Complex Images

Another element that determines the difficulty of your custom puzzle is the photo that you choose during the design process. It is important to prioritize image quality when building your jigsaw, especially if you opt for a larger size. For the best quality, puzzleYOU highly recommends choosing images with high-resolution for large puzzles or choosing a collage design. Collages will allow you to use images that may not have an ideal resolution or quality, as you will be highlighting them on a smaller scale. The added design elements of a collage also allow you to assemble your puzzle with ease, as your images are segmented. puzzleYOU offers many creative complimentary collage layouts that you can use to make your images shine during the design process!

When uploading your photos, it can also make a difference to choose images with many colors, textures, or elements, so that your jigsaw is not overly frustrating to put together. This is especially important when analyzing the background of photos. Too much blank space can lead to a puzzling assembly experience! 

The Perfect Puzzle for YOU

48 Piece Photo Puzzles

There are advantages to each of our puzzle sizes! Depending on the occasion, one of our products may be a perfect fit for you over another. For instance, our 48 piece photo puzzles are a lovely gift for children ages two to four. They can also be exceptional gifts for elderly loved ones, as the extra-large pieces are easier to grasp and handle. While they are not usually created for adults, if you are interested in the idea of a building smaller puzzle to accompany another gift, you could choose a Gift Voucher Puzzle as your design! In this case, 48 pieces are ideal because they maintain the mystery of the surprise without creating a frustrating puzzle experience. Together, you can work to unveil the gift piece by piece. The recipient will not know their gift until the puzzle reveals your design and message. 

100 & 200 Piece Photo Puzzles

Our 100 piece photo puzzles are fantastic for children ages three to four years old. This option presents an opportunity for children to collaborate together and enjoy a healthy activity at birthday parties, playdates, and more! Additionally, If you are in search of a puzzle that is sentimental, soothing, and uncomplicated, both our 100 or 200 piece puzzles would work as a gift for an adult loved one. Our 200 piece photo puzzles will give most adults a chance to decompress and are a great creative activity for children of any age.

500 Piece Photo Puzzles

If you are creating a puzzle for someone who would like to designate a moderate amount of time to assemble and enjoys a mild challenge, a 500 piece puzzle may be the best option for you. Children ages seven and up can build a 500 piece photo puzzle with patience and help from others. On the other hand, adults can generally finish the puzzle within two to five hours. This option is optimal for adult loved ones or a family to enjoy together! 

puzzleYOU FAQ

Do you want to learn more about the size of our photo puzzle pieces? You can find a size comparison along with additional information regarding puzzle size and quality here.

1000 Piece Photo Puzzles

Moving onto our difficult puzzles, our 1000 piece photo puzzles are an excellent challenge, often requiring 10+ hours to complete. This option is ideal for anyone looking to create a jigsaw that provides an entertaining challenge and a satisfying sense of accomplishment. Individuals with less dexterity may find the puzzle pieces too small and frustrating to assemble. When creating a puzzle for older loved ones, opting for a smaller-piece photo puzzle will provide an enjoyable experience.

2000 Piece Photo Puzzles

Finally, our 2000 piece photo puzzles are the ultimate challenge. This option is a brainteaser for experienced even the most puzzle pros, often requiring days to complete! Patient children and adults will be able to finish this jigsaw as a fun project together. It presents a heartwarming, exciting bonding activity that is guaranteed to result in the most rewarding feeling of achievement. 

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We hope that our guide has helped you find the perfect photo puzzle size for yourself or your loved ones. When designing your puzzle, remember that the thought behind gifts always counts! Keep your recipient's interests in mind, as well as their patience and level of ability. Photo puzzles make unforgettable presents, no matter the number of pieces. If you are interested to hear the personal experience of others, please feel free to read our customer reviews here at any time!

We help you create your own puzzle

The Photo Puzzle Creation Process

Are you looking for a guide to help you create your personalized photo puzzle? We have fun resources to help! Check out our blog post on "How to make a 1000 pieces puzzle" here. The design process follows the same steps, no matter which product you choose to customize. 

For any questions regarding the ordering process, please take a look at our FAQ section at any time! 

If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team. We are always happy to help you!