How Big Are Our Puzzle Pieces?

by Jasmin March 15, 2022
How Big Are Our Puzzle Pieces?

puzzleYOU offers a wide range of photo puzzles, so that every customer and their loved ones can enjoy a customized jigsaw! From 48 piece puzzles perfect for toddlers, to 2000 piece jigsaws designed for puzzle enthusiasts, our collection of sizes are inclusive of everyone. Our size recommendations are closely related to the degree of difficulty of each photo puzzle, especially if it is designed for someone of a certain age and level of ability. Many factors are included in assessing the difficulty of jigsaws, but the size of the puzzle pieces is a great place to start. For those interested in the exact measurements of our puzzles, we have created a size guide for reference. 

The following overview will help you gauge the difficulty of each jigsaw size. It is important to keep your loved ones in mind when reviewing sizes, as well as unique factors such as age, experience, and dexterity. Please note: the phrase "average puzzle size" is used as an approximate measurement since no two pieces are exactly alike. This occurrence is due to varied cutting during production. 

Size Comparison & Age Recommendations

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It's difficult to give precise age recommendations from the number of pieces a puzzle contains alone. Important factors such as developmental stage, previous experience, and interests should also be considered. In addition, the level of difficulty highly depends on the picture that you choose for your personal photo puzzle. The brief age guide below can be used in combination with these factors to determine the right jigsaw size for you. 

  • When creating a jigsaw for children in the age range of four to six, our 48 piece photo puzzles is a great option. The extra-large pieces of this product create a safe, stress-free, and fun experience for younger children. 
  • Children between the ages of six and eight can handle smaller puzzle pieces without too much frustration. As a result, our photo puzzles with 100 pieces and 200 pieces are both mentally stimulating and exciting for children in this age group to assemble. 
  • Between the ages of eight and ten, most children will be familiar with relatively challenging puzzles. To determine the difficulty for children at this age, consider the design elements and colors used in your jigsaw motif. Multi-colored images with varied textures, patterns, or objects will be easier to solve. Depending on previous experience, children with patience should be able to assemble our 500 piece photo puzzles.
  • For children aged ten years and up, our 1000 piece photo puzzles can present a fun challenge if one is persistent and willing to dedicate time to the project. 
  • Our 2000 piece photo puzzles are a brainteaser for adults and puzzle pros alike. However, taking on the challenge as a family project presents the opportunity for a unique bonding experience. 
We help you create your own puzzle

Designing Your Custom Photo Jigsaw Puzzle

Would you like to create your own personalized puzzle but need help with the process? We have helpful resources to guide you! Check out our blog post on "How to make a 1000 pieces puzzle" here. Our design process follows the same steps regardless of which product you customize! 

For all general questions regarding the ordering process, please feel free to review our FAQ section at any time. 

If you have additional specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team. We are always happy to help you!