Just Married: Puzzles Are Perfect Wedding Gifts

by Jasmin July 15, 2021
Just Married: Puzzles Are Perfect Wedding Gifts

You are looking for a special and unique wedding gift? With a photo puzzle, you have countless options to create a personalized wedding gift and bring old memories or heartfelt wishes onto a puzzle. In this post we give you tips on how to create the perfect wedding puzzle. A photo puzzle is a special wedding gift because it is not just an everyday object, but it is truly unique. The newlyweds can puzzle it multiple times throughout the years and each and every time, they will think back to their wedding day. With this beautiful photo gift, the couple will be forever reminded of their wedding whenever they see the puzzle.

Wedding gifts - heart

"Marriages, like a garden, take time to grow.

But the harvest is rich unto those

who patiently and tenderly care for the ground."

- Darlene Schacht

Choosing a picture for your wedding puzzle

Create a photo collage as wedding gift

Your wedding photo gift can be anything from emotional and romantic to funny and quirky. Simply put yourself into the shoes of the newlyweds: What's their humor? What would they appreciate? Which of your common memories do they cherish most? Photo gifts are amazing for bringing old memories alive.

However, in case you don't know the couple very well, you can still make a photo puzzle as wedding gift. The couple will appreciate that you put time and effort into a personalized wedding gift as opposed to purchasing some standard gift. After all, they invited you to one of the most special days of their lives. With this type of wedding gift you can show that you truly care about them. What's more, when the two of them complete the puzzle, they will have their wedding day in mind and be grateful that your gift gives them quality time reminscing about their special day. A photo puzzle with 1000 pieces will surely keep them busy for a few hours.

Create a photo collage as wedding gift
Create a photo puzzle as wedding gift

How about a fun wedding gift?

Why so serious? Yes, a wedding day should definitely not be filled with too many jokes about the couple's past or about them as persons. However, your photo gift will be sitting wrapped nicely and innocently on the gift table during this day - so why not give the couple something to laugh about when they unwrap it?

If you are friends with the wedding couple you could look through old party photos and make a photo collage out of them. You could either choose funny pictures or simply photos in which you all look happy. A Photo Puzzle Collage is also great if you want to add some text onto the puzzle. You could write something like "I/We always knew you'd end up together!" or something more sassy like "Thank god, you finally tied the knot!".  After all, you know the young soon-to-be-married couple best and can write a few lines that will put a smile on both of their faces.

If it is your daughter or son who is getting married, you could choose some funny childhood pictures and make a photo collage out of them. Or arrange them similar to a timeline and add some text saying "Just making sure [name of their future partner] knows all the details.. We are proud of you!". Of course, all comments on your wedding gift should come from a place of love!

Wedding-themed puzzle box titles

If you want to give a proper wedding gift, you know there is no way around expressing your love and wishes for the newlyweds. Below you can find inspiration on possible box titles for your wedding photo puzzle. Depending on the picture(s) on the jigsaw puzzle, some sayings are surely more suitable than others.


"We/I couldn't be happier to call you both family."


"Love is the greatest blessing."


"Wishing you a long and happy marriage."


"Faith makes all things possible.
Love makes all things easy."


"May the joy you feel today last a lifetime."


"Two hearts in love need no words."


"... and so the adventure begins."


"Best wishes for a fun-filled future together."


"The best is yet to come."

We would recommend to avoid any words or sayings that could be understood in a negative way. "Good luck with everything!" may come across the wrong way. Also, saying "Congratulations!" on the wedding puzzle box or in the card may be taken as rude by newlyweds with a rather traditional worldview. Which is why we would suggest you to stick to wedding card sayings such as "Best wishes" or "May your future together be even brighter than the present.". You could also use a lovely quote about marriage, love, or weddings.

In case the couple made a registry, you could get them something from the list and add a photo jigsaw puzzle in addition as a gesture of love or to deliver a special message with it. From what we keep hearing from our customers, you cannot go wrong with a photo gift that comes straight from the heart. It is such a personal wedding gift which the couple will always cherish.

Photo puzzle with your wedding pictures

Make a wedding gift for yourself

You've read this article and now would love to make a photo puzzle with pictures of your own wedding? Go for it! What better way to capture the magic of your special day than with a photo puzzle. Your wedding day is the culmination of months, perhaps years of planning.  How exciting and rewarding to relive your dream of uniting with the love of your life every time you put your photo puzzle together. The tiny details of each facet of your wedding captured in a photo puzzle is such an amazing idea. The dress, the suit, the rings, the flowers, the smiles, the love; all reflected in a photo puzzle that can be created from your photos. 

Tip: A photo puzzle can also be an amazing gift to your bridesmaids or to your guests. If you still have some budget for such an extravagant gift to your wedding guests, why not surprise them afterwards with a lovely photo collage of the wedding in the form of a puzzle?